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Instantly push web content to your friends

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    Join LinkSlap

    Join LinkSlap through the LinkSlap Chrome extension, LinkSlap mobile app, or at

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    Create a Slapstream

    Create a Slapstream around a topic and share links with friends. It will keep an archive of awesome slaps.

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    Invite friends

    Like MANY things in life you can do it alone, but it is much better with partners. Invite your friends to your Slapstream

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    Slap those links

    You can slap web content you find. It is instantly pushed to the Slapstream and appears in followers' browsers or mobile app.

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    Slap back with reaction gifs

    Linkslap has a built in GIF search engine. You can slap a perfect animated reaction without scouring the web.

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    Remember the slaps that started it all

    Every slap is preserved in an archive so that you can relive the magic and find the amazing content that you and your friends shared.

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